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And the sick finally caught up with me.


I thought I might have escaped the winter without a cold.. which would be pretty much unheard of.. but no, finally after lying beside the caughing, hacking, snorting husband, I have contracted the sick. At the moment, it's a minor head cold thing.. mostly in my nose, but we'll see where it travels.

Himself has been home for the week on Spring break, not doing too much. He did catch up a bit with some school friends, and tomorrow we go to see the granparents. His birthday came and went. How he ever became 19 I'll never know. He's doing well in school still, but for a computer mid term. Thankfully his other work, which was stellar, keeps his average good. He's making his class choices for next year, and has a roomate picked out. I hope that all works out.

Its snowing again tonight.. not a lot, just enough to piss in your face. For the love of god we need some warm weather.. The snow has melted.. it really has, but we still have so much to go. I have a 3rd body going in the tomb any day now.. just got the call today. I am going to have to take the machine out Monday (the weather looks like it 'might' be getting warmer) and clear some areas to try to get something in. There is just no other way about it. If my snow blower was working, I could use that.. but it's not. I'm actually thinking of asking my brother if I can borrow his. Just shoot me now... This winter sucks. End it for gods sake.


Zombie spoilers.. turn back now

Hammond man
Seriously... Spoilers.. I'm going to talk about the Walking Dead.. if you don't want to know, don't read. Turn back now…..Collapse )

Okay, end of rant.

Oh hey, we broke our snow record. Whoop do fricken do. NOW MAKE IT STOP!


Rain and fog today... more melting. Good.

While on FB today, Mrs Moose IM'd me. She wanted to find out what I paid for Himself's theater camp, to get an idea what to charge for her camp. Or her friend's camp? I'm not sure. More to the point, she wants to know what she can boast what they are overcharging and she is undercharging for her professional services. Only I feel this is one of those cases where you definately will get what you pay for. I also think she's using the moment to boast. She had to make sure she seemed to be doing so well with her improv group with this "I am overwhelmed with calls right now for my adult workshop in improv" this Supposedly they are flocking in to her group... only this is not reflected at all on her FB page for the group, who's likes remain stagnant at about 58, and who's comments and shares also remain near zero. Yet somehow she is promising riches beyond your wildest dreams for this improv group, which is going to be earning $100. per person per gig, which she has venues nipping at her heals for. And her stratigic marketing? Undercut everyone else (not sure who else is doing this, but hell, they are overpriced, let me tell you) " If you want to be at the top of the business ladder, without paying for expert advice through the nose, you need to give us a call for a private workshop intensive!"  What a workshop intensive is, I have no idea, but whomever this is aimed at.. well, no one is seeing it. So there's that. Also in her sales pitch, she claims to hold the "National Record in Public Speaking" in the "National Forensic League". What the fuck does that even mean? She is so full of shit! And one more point she made was that she was that she needed money for the dogs (I assume to put them in a kennel) so the family could go on the cruise her parents are paying for (for theri 50th).  She then goes on to tell me the wise words of wisdom from one of her good friends (an actor and director she apparently met once while doing work as a extra on a local movie) that it is better to be rich than famous. Well... she is neighter.. so there is that.

Mostly I just sit back and watch the BS she dishes out. And dish she does. I'm just waiting for the implosion. She's hooked up with a real community theater.. but she will outstay her welcome at some point. I can see she is just using them at this point.. eventually they will figure it out.. She wants to make money.. enough to be self sustaining.. the only problem is, she has nothing  to sell.  She lost her gig at the school, which she only held onto from what I can see by there being another teacher there to 'assist' her. Now she's using her place in the Com. Theater to have a place for her workshops... but I highly doubt she is bringing in any money to them.. So eventually they will tire of her. This looks so much like her past attempt at being a life coach or whatever it was she called it. She seems to honestly feel people will pay her for the privilage of having her teach them something, some magical knowledge that will let them have as successful a life as she has. When flat out, the trick is to marry a soldier and have him get injured enough to collect full dissability for the rest of his life, then sponge off the bennies that come with that sacrifice. Because that is exactly what she's doing. Only she needs some spending money, so she's going to teach kids the fine arts, as she was taught.... only for less than anyone else would do. Who could pass on that?

And as if Mrs Moose wasn't enough entertainment, Munchousen by Proxy lead mom today anounced she lost yet another babysitter after only half a day. GEE, I WONDER WHY?" Fuck you!" isn't a propper responce to someone? Hrm.. better work on that. I had to resist the urge to mention that the last time she was here with her 3 kids, maybe 3 years ago... they were discussing all the babysitters they have had over the years. No, nothign wrong there..... As long as mom can still keep doing her good works... That's what's important.  (eye roll)

Well, that's my vent..

Oh wait, I heard from Biv a few nights ago... I forgot to mention it. She called, wanted me to turn on the scanner to see what the hubub was about. Nothing apparently, but it gave her a chance to go on and on... She is no longer at the resteraunt she was at for a while. That's a shame for her.. but she also sounded manic.. so I assume they had just had enough of her. She is back at home, and going to take the summer off? Who knows. I have no idea with her.. but that's the way she always has been. Just figured some of you might want the news. I know she was always a bit of an entertainment aspect here.

First flower of Spring

apple blossems
Just a note, yesterday I saw my first crocus.... not a day or two after the snow had melted back from the foundation enough to pop out of the ground, there is was... eager and waiting.. impatient as we all are here for spring. 

With the melt comes the sick

animation himself stickfigure

Snow is rapidly retreating.. though with more than 4 feet of this crap, it's not rapid enough. The mountians in front of my house are finally low enough that I can see the street again.  There is room for more snow should we get it, and trust me, I'm not ruling out an April Fools storm.. 2 so far in the last 18 years.. you never know anymore.

Ryther is sick. Probably picked it up at PAX. Not sure if the boy is sick. He'll be coming home tomorrow for a week of 'spring break'.  School is going well for him, his grades are decent. He has had one issue with his roomate, who got stinking drunk and urinated in his dresser drawer. He wasn't going to tell me this.. lol. I'm not sure if he thought I'd pull him out of school or what.  His roomate, being the ass he is it seems, didn't offer to clean up his mess or even pay to clean the clothes. I guess it could have been worse, it could have been vomit. Himself went to the powers that be, and nothing was done. He's supposed to get reimbursed for the cost of cleaning the clothes. The kicker is this roomate will be an RA? or whaterver the innitials are for the people who are there for students to go to when they need help with something. He'll get free room for this. And guess what, there was a beer bottle in the room when Himself got dropped off last week. So I guess he'll be the kind to overlook the ban on alchohol in the dorms. Which if you go to college to party.. I guess that's great. But if you don't want to live in a dorm that smells of vomit and piss.. don't go to him. Ug. Hey, they want to party, that's their problem.. but keep it out of the dorms. IMHO. Especially if you cant get to the frigging bathroom to take a fucking piss. That's so gross.

The only good thing is that at least next year Himself will be rooming with a friend he knows. It will be nice for him to be able to actually use the microwave and fridge next year, which he has had no use of this year because they belong to the other guy. Sad.

Got a call on a funeral, or rather someone to go in the tomb, because there is still no way to do a dig yet. The funeral home said they had to shut down one of their funeral homes and use it just to store bodies. That is unheard of. Though its kind of odd too, since the cemteries should have room for at least some boies in there tombs. Unless they are also full up. What a nightmare winter. Go away snow.. go away!

I'm watching FB and the news about the controversy over the photo of the baby in the flag being held by the soldier. I think it's an amazing photo, very symbolic. I know it violates the 'rules' about how to display a flag and such, but seriously, its an amazing photo. And if you go to her site on FB and read the many many many pro-photo comments by veterans (of which she is also one) I think the rules people can go jump in a lake. And oddly, someone posted a photo of Lincoln sitting in a chair in a tent, and behind him is a table with a flag draped over it like a tablecloth.. so if that's okay, this seems fine. But I'm no soldier or patriot, so what do I know?

LJ flubs

Long haired Mainer
And again, I cant get to friend's pages. Anyone else having this issue? Coincidentally it comes with this new updated look on my page here as I type. Is this the price I pay for spell check? No friends?


Now What?

Long haired Mainer
What has LJ done now? Cant get to friend's pages and the format seems odd… Also it doesn't seem to be recognizing me. I know I've been off line for a week or so.. but really?
Update on the Aunt's roof. Photos of cracks were finally sufficient to get her (hey, auto correct is working now) to call someone to clear the roof. Which he did a great job of. I have not been back in a week to check the house, but I don't have to sweat the roof coming down.
Last weekend we went up to NH to see my mom. She is doing okay, but not great. I cooked dinner for everyone, that's first. She seemed to like it. Also took her out to do a bit of shopping Sat. in her wheel chair and with her coveted 'handicapped' parking placard. I swear she did this on purpose just to get that thing and the parking. Had to get her to transfer to and from the wheel chair but she seems adept at that now. Going up and down stairs is still a bit of a pain, but she seems to be managing. I will say this is the first time I've ever woken up before her since she moved to NH. She has been sleeping in the chair in the living room, so when I got up she was snoozing away. Usually she has the fire going before I even get up, so I got the pine cones and the wood and fired it up before she even woke. I did not take a photo of her to post on FB with her looking rather like one of the muppets from Sesame Street, the ones that go Wup wup wup or bwup bwup bwup… whatever the noise is. With her teeth out, there is an uncanny resemblance.

My stepfather is not in great shape either.. his knee, which took forever to heal after the replacement and seemed to cause a lot of other grief in the healing, finally was doing well, and now after feeling like a 20 year old, he's back to being as bad if not worse than before the operation, walking with a cane and being in pain all the time. WTF? Cant seem to catch a break. And to top it off, as if they need more shit, he has to do treatments for bladder cancer that they found when they were treating him for stuff related to the knee and the meds he was on before with that. OY! And of course them living an hour and a half away, and with all these storms every weekend, there isn't a hell of a lot I can do.

We picked up the lad yesterday for the weekend… The plan was to have him come down on the train, but screw that with the way things have been on the T. He is at PAX with his cousins and father for the weekend. I will enjoy the time to myself I am sure.

I finally did take the machine out and plowed through a good chunk of the snow on the road.. but gave up near the end, because there was a definite lack of places to put the snow, and I didn't want the road opened completely and have idiots driving through.. only to get stuck in the narrow, ice covered road. As it was a woman came in today to see my Cuz and got her car firmly stuck in the road. We eventually got it out for her, but if we hadn't been there should would have had to call a tow truck probably to push her or something.

We are supposed to get some warmer weather, hopefully without snow or rain or anything else.. Just melt.. MELT! Enough! and no, I don't care to hit the record or break it. ENOUGH! More than enough!

Cracks in the wall

Long haired Mainer

So I went by my aunts house today, and no one had cleared the roof... I went in an upstairs and noticed there are cracks in the plaster that I don't think were there before,  or not that bad anyway. It's hard to tell to be honest, it's not my house, but there are a bunch of them.. I took photos of them, called my aunt again and sent them to her. She finally got her husband to agree to call the guy who does their painting who also I guess was doing snow removal. I have to meet him over at her house tomorrow so he can go in the attic and see .. I dont know what. Personally I'd say they should remove the snow first.. from ladders, not on the roof, and go from there. Honestly being upstairs made me nervious.. thinking that the roof could come down at any moment. Oy. Creeps me the hell out.

I would very much like to have this stuff melt off in some wonderful hot sun... It has sunk down at least.. Though it keeps trying to come back. We have lost at least a full foot of snow, probably more like a foot and a half, though I still cant see my picknick table in the backyard. Little by little it's going away...


We're having a heat wave…..


Sadly, it's only taking place inside me. I made the mistake of leaving the heat up last night.. becaus it was supposed to go down to negative numbers and wind chills. Well, I slep horribly, and woke with numbness in my hand to boot... which all compounds. 65 degrees in the house and I'm dying. I think I need to get a fan for my side of the bed.. this  is really getting rediculous. The bizzar thing is that after 7pm.. I'm fine... I don't get it. But of course then it's almost time to get up... So I've been dragging out the process of getting up for a few weeks now.. Basically since the snow.. A: I'm exhuasted from shoveling, and B: I haven't been sleeping well for almost all that time.

And the dreams.. cripes.. I had a baby the other night... a girl. No name though. Didn't get to that part. Last night the roof started to come off my brother's house.. we had to tie a huge tarp to it.... Oy.. and more and more. Lots of work dreams.

And the roof.. last night it gave a big popping noise.. Actually it's the porch.. It's probably just the moisture in the wood from the other day freezing solid.. but of course with all the roof collapses this winter.. one has to worry. There is a  huge block of ice up there, and a corner of snow.. but most of it's off. Should be fine.

I have not gone to check on my aunts since the rain of Sat. night.. I told her about her roof.. if she called someone or  not to clear it I don't know. I should go by today maybe.

School is still out in some of the local schools.. that will make over 2 weeks given that they also had Feb. break. I imagine the parents are going nuts.. either by staying home or trying to find childcare so they can work, if they can get to work given that the entire public transporation has basically broken down, and even now after 2 weeks of working on it, it's only kinda sorta up and running. Even the commuter boats are SOL given the ice conditions of the harbors.

Just so done with this winter..

The huge loader did come by our neighborhood yesterday and widened out the road.. though we'll only know what damage he did once this all melts.. I'm pretty sure he wiped out the neighbor's fence... Oh, maybe they'll get that cute fence guy back to fix it. ... hrm.. something to look forward to. lol

Feeling snowbound

Winter graves

The snow is really gettng to me.. I'm starting to feel like Jack Nicholson's character in The Shining. This is absolutly nuts. Today we got another few inches of fluff... it snowed all day. The sun poked its way out for a while, the abandoned us. The temps have been rediculously low.. Tonight it's 21.. which is pretty warm for what it's been. Because it's been so cold, the snow that is melting on the roofs is re-freezing and becoming ice dams and destroying homes.. Roofs are caving in left and right because there is just so much snow.. and this is fluffy snow... if we get any wet snow or rain on top of this.. WOW... its going to be a disaster.

My aunt and MIL are both in Florida... I have to go check on the MIL's house tomorrow. She has ice dams building up and last time there was a huge icicle on her electric line... I was able to break some of that off.. but not all. And it will surely have grown. I don't know what the ice is doing, there was no evidence of it inside last time we checked... but that could change.

My aunt left for the winter and didn't contract anyone to plow, so there is 4 feet of snow in her driveway. I've had to shovel my way in to check on the house.. and shovel a path for the oil man... and now that she has a ton of snow on her roof, the lower roof that I could reach, I cant get to it, because of all the other snow in the driveway. I am going to go over tomorrow to try  to shovel and removed some of the snow... And then I have to go to my MIL's and check on that and the cat. Sigh... 70 roofs caved in so far in the state this week? Sheesh.

And I have to swing by the cemetery and see whats up there. My snowblower is done.. the gears are now slipping in the auger.. I have no idea why it loosened up. Just have to tear it down all over again. Mother of god. I think its going to have to wait until the summer. Maybe time to replace the thing. I don't know. It's been a good maching.. but either I didn't put it back together right or I don't know... It ran well for the last 3 storms... but it's done now. All I have left is the backhoe.. which is good for moving piles, but not really great for plowing. The snow blower is actually better for that.

I've decided I need to buy a few more roof rakes for next year.. and just put them away.. Some guy was looking for $300.00 for one on facebook. I saw my neighbor using one of the new kind of rake, it's got a sort of slip and slide on it and you cut the snow and it slides down the plastic.... seemed to work okay.. at least to get the bulk off.. though I like to really get the snow off to bare bones.. or it turns to ice and makes the dams. But at this point.. anything is better than having all that snow.

Now I see there is a gas shortage in NH.. because Boston's ports are snowed in....

And then there is the T.... The public transportation is done.. and so are all the poor people who depend on it. And somewhere in this horrible mess, we wonder, are they doing this on purpose? Is this some kind of scam? Hell, even the new commuter rail lines are not running.... although they were.. it's so hit or miss and nonsensicle it really makes you wonder. In any event, I feel really sorry for anyone who has to use public transportation.

And still there is more snow on the way.. and bitter cold...


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